Here is a quick summary of the AFTW meeting from Sept. 9, 2015, at the Scottsdale FSDO:

  • TFD stack – please be considerate of those wanting to shoot the approach. If you are holding only, you should be at altitudes which allow others to join the stack under you.
  • Santa Cruz Flats Race – USHPA (U.S Hang-gliding and Parasailing Association) sponsored competition involving 50 hang-gliders launching from Francisco Grande Resort traveling up to 12,000 feet in a radius of 75nm from the resort.  Launches will take place daily from September 13th (Sunday) to September 19th (Saturday) at noon till about 5pm using five powered tow aircraft.  This presents a large danger to operators at the Stanfield Stack, shooting approaches to KCGZ.  Expect a NOTAM.  Brent Crow will be briefing the pilots of the Hang-Gliders on the dangers of the airspace on Saturday night before the event in hopes of preventing the traffic conflicts we experienced from this event last year.  Please use caution in this area.  Prescott and Gateway ILS approaches are expected to be out of service during this time, making all instrument training focused in this area – a dangerous combination.
  • Sky Ranch airport has seen some crews operating in the traffic pattern – please avoid the area, as it is a private airport.  The area to the North of the airport has also been overflown at low level by aircraft, and has become a noise issue.
  • Copperstate Airshow @ KCGZ is occurring on October 22-24 (thur-sat).  Please avoid the area during this time. Check NOTAMs.
  • UAV’s are becoming a major danger to manned flight operations in the National Airspace System.  Should you see a UAV, please report immediately to the controllers handling that airspace.  Use the phrase “near miss,” consistent with the AIM near miss reporting procedures so that the event is followed up properly.  UAV’s have been seen over Rio Verde Community, Falcon Field Airport, Apache Junction.
  • The FAAST team is doing a seminar on UAV’s – September 26th at KIWA/ASU from 9 to 12. Check FAAST Team website for details.
  • Laser Strikes are becoming a major danger to flight crews and also should be reported immediately to local controllers.  If the airport tower is closed, contact PHX approach or  TUS Approach and report it immediately.
  • ACS (Airmen Certification Standards) are coming out – please monitor the new standards as they come out to see how they impact you.  This will change the PTS.
  • PAUWG (Phoenix Airspace Users Workgroup) is working to purchase another frequency to alleviate congestion in the South Practice areas.
  • Some issues/clarifications were discussed regarding certification requirements of the instructor in training different classes and categories and light sport pilots.
  • Tips for instructor training was given by the group.
  • Next meeting Nov 10th (tues) at Scottsdale FSDO @ 0930-1130.
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