Important safety updates and more training resources are now available. Read the full AFTW meeting minutes for details.




Matt Miller(Falcon Exec), Sherlyn, Hallaron (ASAG), Kyle Schltfelt, Terry Brandt (DPE), Miguel Velez, Dina Simmons (TAA), Matt Kayn, Jacob Canty (UND), Robert Brock, Pete Tomko, Ray Ludwig, Neil Davison
FAA Tina Buskirk
Other Mike Cunningham,

Note the agenda titles are below but the wide ranging discussions at this meeting had treads and connections that crossed the boundaries of the categories. The items discussed are placed in an appropriate place.

Airports: Check NOTAMS. IWA will have maintenance continues and ILS will be OTS.  Many airports and some of our favorite training areas are noise sensitive. Consider your impact on neighbors during your planning and operations.


Stanfield Procedures continue to require all users to be alert and courteous in the area. was elevated on the web site and there are discussions to revise.

Operations and Processes:

Airman Certification Standards are coming it now looks like an early summer 2016 launch. A resource to help you prepare and monitor the progress is . You can subscribe there to receive notice of changes to the testing environment.

There are monthly safety topics of the month. They are added to the website to gain wider dissemination ( ) and are there for your use.


It is never too early to nominate the best instructors, technicians, representatives, airports and towers. It is great if you can provide support to the ASAG in terms of donations or silent auction items. See for more information.

ASAG in researching training area frequencies to aid in reducing frequency congestion.

Tina Buskirk briefed on the FAA Compliance Policy and Program being implemented now. There have been discussions of this in some of the user groups and more can be found in: ( and )

Next Meeting:

Wed 13 January at the FSDO, 9:30 to 11:30 am

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