Key Points:

  • Large scale parachute and cargo drop operations at Blythe February 1-16.  Please check NOTAMs.
  • Temporary control tower at KBLH for the exercise (see NOTAMs for details).
  • Consider not sending student pilots to Blythe during this time.
  • Operations will be within 10 NM radius of the Blythe Airport.


Here is the full email that was sent to the Arizona Flight Training Workgroup:

Good morning to all,

As you know Blythe Airport is the home of a military air operations training company that provides specialist parachute and cargo drop training to the US DOD. The navigation charts have the parachute symbol and there is generally a NOTAM up advising all airmen that a military parachute operation exists at the airport.

I wanted to make you aware of large military training exercise that is scheduled to start Feb 1st. This exercise will run through until Feb 16th

There will be multiple aircraft operating within a 10 NM circle (and possibly further out) assigned to the airport for parachute operations by Los Angeles Center.

Further more, the Military will be bringing an FAA authorized control tower to operate the airspace for the above period.

While the airport cannot and would not ask you to not send student pilots to Blythe, I would like to ask that you consider sending your students to another airport while this intensive Military exercise is in operation. This will help us keep the airspace safe for all users. If you should feel that you would like to send your students to Blythe during this period, I would ask that you call ahead and let the airport and the tower know your intentions, this will allow everybody an opportunity to plan ahead and ensure a higher level of safety.

The FBO managers tel number is: 760 922 6125



Kind regards


Simon Powell MIExpE
Owner & Operator
Patton Aviation LLC

Veteran Owned and Operated

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