Sample U.S. pilot certificate

Sample U.S. pilot certificate

This is no April Fools Day joke: On April 1, student pilots no longer will get their certificates from their Aviation Medical Examiner.

The federal aviation regulation known as 14 CFR 61.85 becomes obsolete.

Instead, student pilots will receive a shiny, new, hard-plastic certificate via a Recommending Instructor or a Designated Pilot Examiner, or an authorized flight school airman certification representative.

Helpful guidance on all this available in “DPE Tips,” a periodic email newsletter sent to DPEs, and which is available for download here, via this link.

Remember, the new certificates are permanent, and student pilots will not be issued a temporary certificate while waiting on the plastic version. Therefore, they cannot solo until they receive their plastic student pilot certificate. Student pilots also must still obtain an airman’s medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner, as well.

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