October 2019 Safety Topic: Do Not Issue - Do Not Fly

Forty-two percent of pilots in fatal crashes had some sort of drug/medication in their systems. It’s safe to say you should consult with an Aviation Medical Examiner before using any drug.

Updated Luke Aux-1 ILS Policy and Procedures

Luke Air Force Base has strongly supported the mission of the flight training community.  On June 7th, General Todd Canterbury of Luke Air Force Base released updated policy on the use of the Aux-1 ILS.  Please see this post for more information.

UPDATE-New Version: AFTW Practice Area Reporting Points ForeFlight/Garmin Pilot Overlay Version 6.0

New version posted on January 10th, 2019. Download your GPS overlay of the practice areas today and start using it in Foreflight and Garmin Pilot!

Rio Verde Low-Flying Aircraft

AFTW has released a letter addressing concerns about low-flying aircraft in the Northeast Practice Area. Please take some time to read this letter and do your part to be a good neighbor to those living around us.

AFTW Releases New Procedures for The Stack

New procedures to help pilots more safely and efficiently practice Instrument approaches at Stanfield and Casa Grande Municipal Airport have been released by the AFTW.

More from AFTW

AFTW Meeting Minutes from Sept. 12, 2018

AFTW Meeting Minutes from Sept. 12, 2018

AFTW releases updated training procedures for the TFD Stack, a new approach procedure is under review for CGZ, and Allegiant and WestJet are testing a new RNAV approach at IWA. All this and more in the latest meeting minutes of the Arizona Flight Training Workgroup....

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