iwa_traffic-575The following is an excerpt from a recent Letter to Airmen from PHX TRACON. Please download the PDF, which includes invaluable diagrams that will help pilots, instructors and their students reduce collision risks in the East Valley near Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (IWA) airport.

“The Phoenix Terminal Area and the airspace surrounding Phoenix is some of the busiest in the nation.

Air traffic volume and complexity in the east valley, near Chandler, Arizona has increased markedly over the past several years. This airspace includes the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (IWA), several practice areas and areas known to contain aerobatic flight activity.

The following diagrams are provided to assist VFR pilots navigate through this busy airspace. Questions regarding the content of this Letter to Airmen may be directed to Operations Support Manager, Phoenix Terminal Radar Approach Control, (602)

Phillip D. Thornton
Air Traffic Manager, Phoenix TRACON”


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