The AFTW’s recommended Practice Area Reporting Points for the Phoenix area are now up for review and discussion.

The frequencies and points outlined on the Phoenix Terminal Area Chart are those that the group have generally agreed work best to improve safety in the intensive flight-training environments around the Valley.

Downloads (both web-friendly and very large TIF format) are available on the next page.

This chart has been assembled by Matt Miller. Thanks Matt!

PDF icon Download a PDF of the chart here (DOES NOT INCLUDE HOTSPOTS). (2.79 MB, requires Adobe Reader.)

PDF icon ***New*** Download a PDF of the chart here (INCLUDES HOTSPOTS). (1.70 MB, requires Adobe Reader.) ***New***  Includes charted hotspots where areas of heavy aircraft traffic can be expected.

PDF icon Download the accompanying text description of the AFTW Reporting Points here. (PDF, requires Adobe Reader.)

NOTE: This was originally published 4 NOV 2010; however, a larger version is now being made available in the ZIP file. Be sure to download the “text description” as well, for detailed information about items in the chart!


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