August Safety Topic: Maneuvering Flight

More than 25 percent of general-aviation fatal crashes happen during maneuvering flight, and half of those involve stall/spin scenarios. Learn how to avoid these deadly situations.

New ForeFlight GPS Overlays Of The AFTW Practice Area Reporting Points

Download your GPS overlay of the practice areas today and start using it in Foreflight!

AFTW Releases First Draft of Procedures for The Stack

A new training resource is available online to help pilots more safely and efficiently practice Instrument Approach procedures at Stanfield and Casa Grande Municipal Airport.

Routes overlay on Terminal Area Chart for PHX

CAE Oxford Academy using arrival and departure routes at FFZ

Commercial jet and flight-training airspace in the Southeast Valley remains congested.



A reminder that CAE Oxford Academy uses arrival and departure routes for FFZ.

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New Video Highlights Wrong Surface Landings

New Video Highlights Wrong Surface Landings

Wrong surface landings are serious events that occur at an alarming rate of roughly one every other day! When pilots approach an airport for landing, there are opportunities for miscommunication and visual mistakes that can lead to the aircraft arriving on the wrong surface.

AFTW Poster Available for Download

AFTW Poster Available for Download

The Arizona Flight Training Workgroup has a new poster available for download, and is encouraging all flight schools and FBOs to post it in their workplaces to help promote as a resource for safety and training topics.

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