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Instructions and Disclaimers

These are AFTW’s recommended Practice Area Reporting Points for the Phoenix, Southern Arizona, and Northern Arizona. Please continue to practice the FAA recommended visual scanning of your surroundings, even when communicating on the practice area frequencies.

Not all aircraft know of the AFTW practice area frequencies and reporting points.

Please direct any pilots who are operating in the Phoenix area to this page.

The frequencies and points outlined on the Phoenix Terminal Area Chart are those that the group have generally agreed work best to improve safety in the intensive flight-training environments around the Valley.

Northern Arizona Practice Areas and Procedures

Phoenix Practice Areas and Procedures

PDFs of  Practice Area Charts:

 Stanfield VOR Practice Approach Procedures. ***Please note that 4500MSL is now the lowest altitude in the stack. Only one aircraft should be below 4500 MSL at a time, and they should be completing the procedure turn to immediately begin their approach.***

 East Valley Airspace Hazards.

Southern Arizona Practice Areas and Procedures

Map Summaries:

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