Safety Topic of the Month - Home of the FAASTeam
Each month, the Federal Aviation Administration, in coordination with the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee, will be providing information designed to reduce GA fatal accidents and enhance overall flight safety.

The materials below, organized by month, include PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans that flight schools and instructors — as well as other aviation organizations — may use to help contribute to this effort.

Month Topic Download Materials
July 2024 Short Field Operations PowerPoint
June 2024 Non-Required Safety Equipment PowerPoint
May 2024 Human Factors PowerPoint
April 2024 Energy Management PowerPoint
March 2024 Pilot Proficiency and WINGS PowerPoint
February 2024 Preflight-in-a-box & 1st Responders Training PowerPoint
January 2024 Introduction to Human Factors & Safety Culture PowerPoint
December 2023 Making the Numbers PowerPoint
November 2023 CFIT and Normalization of Bias PowerPoint
October 2023 Gaming the System PowerPoint
September 2023 Preflight After Maintenance PowerPoint
August 2023 Personal Minimums and Weather CAMs PowerPoint
July 2023 Fly The Aircraft First PowerPoint
June 2023 Reducing Regulatory Roadblocks PowerPoint
May 2023 The $300 Annual PowerPoint
April 2023 Best Glide PowerPoint
March 2023 Proficiency Training and WINGS PowerPoint
February 2023 Transition Training PowerPoint
January 2023 Introduction to Safety Risk Management PowerPoint
December 2022 Aircraft Performance Calculation PowerPoint
November 2022 CFIT & Continuation Bias PowerPoint
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
October 2022 Pilots and Medications PowerPoint
September 2022 Pre-flight After Maintenance PowerPoint
August 2022 Pre-flight and In-flight Weather Resources PowerPoint
July 2022 Takeoffs and Landings PowerPoint
June 2022 After-market Safety Equipment PowerPoint
May 2022 Managing Component Failures
April 2022 Angle of Attack
March 2022 Pilot Proficiency and WINGS
February 2022 Stall/Spin/Upset Training
January 2022 The Startle Response
December 2021 Aircraft Performance Monitoring
November 2021 CFIT & Overreliance on Automation
October 2021 Pilots and Medications
September 2021 Service Bulletins and the Aircraft Owner
August 2021 Use of Weather Information
July 2021 Stabilized Approaches and Landings
June 2021 After-market Safety Equipment
May 2021 Owner/Mechanic Relations
April 2021 Angle of Attack
March 2021 Pilot Proficiency and WINGS
February 2021 Expanding Your Horizons
January 2021 Aeronautical Decision Making
December 2020 Aircraft Performance Monitoring
November 2020 Avoiding Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Accidents
October 2020 Avoiding Adverse Drug Interactions
September 2020 Preflight After Maintenance
August 2020 In-flight Weather Resources
June 2020 After-Market Safety Equipment
May 2020 Safety Wire … It’s a Good Thing
April 2020 Stabilized Approach and Go-Around For the GA Pilot
March 2020 Proficiency Training
February 2020 Mountain Flying
January 2020 Distractions and Interruptions
December 2019 Aircraft Performance Calculation
November 2019 CFIT and Overreliance on Automation
October 2019 Do Not Issue – Do Not Fly: Medications and Flying
September 2019 Preflight After Maintenance
August 2019 Use of Weather Information
July 2019 Stabilized Approach and Go-around
June 2019 Regulatory Roadblock Reduction
May 2019 Approval for Return to Service
April 2019 Angle of Attack Awareness
March 2019 Pilot Proficiency Training
February 2019 Mountain Flying
January 2019 Introduction to Safety Risk Management (SRM)
December 2018 Aircraft Performance
November 2018 Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
October 2018 Pilots and Medications
September 2018 Stabilized Approach & Go-around
August 2018 Maneuvering Flight
July 2018 Fly the Aircraft First
June 2018 Transition Training
May 2018 Best Glide Speed and Distance
April 2018 Smart Cockpit Technology
March 2018 Emergency Procedures Training
February 2018 Maintenance Placards
January 2018 Enhanced Vision Systems