Jan. 8’s AFTW meeting kicked off 2020 in high gear.

Instructors and others using AFTW’s Foreflight overlays now can select multiple layers. And, it also works in Garmin Pilot, but only on IOS devices.

The updates are now on this AFTW site for Practice Areas. A new video on how to use the overlays is coming soon from Jim Pitman. Thanks, Jim!

Other items brought up, and details are available in the PDF download of the minutes:

  • ADS-B requirements are now in full effect. FAA will not normally issue ferry permits if you’re not equipped with ADS-B, but there is a way to still get permissions for a specific flight. See the minutes for details.
  • R-2304 is inaccurately being charted as a MOA in the G1000 NXi. A database update is expected in the next cycle.
  • Airports: Lots of construction and planned construction and many of those used for training.
  • A proposal to use some local LPV approaches for training and testing is moving forward. See details in the minutes.

Download a full copy of the Jan. 8 meeting minutes here.