There was a lot of great information at the latest AFTW meeting on July 10th.

Notes from the July 10th Meeting.

First, a very special thanks to Larry Hopper from the National Weather Service for presenting on the summer monsoons and the weather products used to identify monsoon risks. Here is a link to the powerpoint Larry presented.

Coolidge airport will be doing resurfacing work on runway 5/23. This will be NOTAMed as closed starting in August until April/May of 2020. The construction company will occasionally be needing to stage equipment on runway 17/35, which will require both runways to be closed. The closures of runway 17/35 will be intermittent and published/NOTAMed very shortly prior to the closure. Please continually check NOTAMs prior to flying to Coolidge.

Luke Air Force Base released an updated ILS approach chart and policy. Click here for more details on the ILS. Also, please consider supporting Fighter Country Partnership by getting a license plate. The proceeds go to Fighter Country Partnership, a non-profit supporting the men and airmen of Luke Air Force Base.

A new skydiving company will begin operating out of Wickenburg. The drop zone will be located approximately 600 ft South/Southeast of the approach end of runway 23. Here is a satellite image of the area.

The FAA has released a runway safety pilot simulator. This tool walks pilots through realistic scenarios that help develop runway incursion avoidance skills and techniques.