Don’t miss this event — the first civilian fly-in to Luke AFB in 10 years: Oct. 18-19.

This event is open to all FAA-licensed civilian pilots operating primarily in Arizona.  It will be held at Luke AFB and participants can drive or fly in. A few lucky pilots will get access to the F-16 simulators.

The purpose of the fly-in is to increase awareness and safety between military and civilian flight operations, said Maj. Steve Wilinski, an event coordinator.  Plus, it will be a great time with activities and social events!

Pre-registration FORM is due by 23 Aug.  Space is limited to 40 aircraft and 250 participants.  This is NOT a first-come, first-serve basis; Luke will have a lottery on 24 Aug using the pre-registration forms.


Everything else is optional.



0900-1100: arrive at Luke AFB, whether driving or flying

1100-1200: BBQ lunch with F-16 and A-10 static displays


–          Mid-air Collision Avoidance

–          Arizona Airspace Structure (MOAs, SUAs, Low levels)

–          Luke Radar Approach Control

–          F-16 Capabilities

–          Desert survival and rescue

1600-1800: Departure window if flying out Thursday

1700-1800: Cocktail hour at Club 56

1800-2000: Dinner at Club 56

2000: Transportation to hotels

Friday:  There will be two groups; simulator time is limited and participants will again be determined by lottery.  There will be 32 participants in Group 1.

0700: Transportation from hotels to base

0730: Split into two groups

Group 1:

0800-1200: Base tour, simulator time

Group 2:

0800-1400: Bus tour to Barry M Goldwater Range (box lunches available)

1300-1800: Departure window for all remaining participants

For more info, please email or call:

Maj Steve Wilinski           cell: 602-384-7612            email:

Maj Ray Naylor                 cell: 623-512-7977            email:


–          Can I bring my friend/wife/family?

Only if they are licensed FAA pilots.  Space is limited and we are trying to reach the target audience.


–          How much will it cost?

Like all good flying-related answers, it depends.  If you fly in, attend the mandatory briefings, and fly out on Thursday, there is no additional cost.  If you choose to stay, there will be a cash bar during the social hour, and dinner will be $20.  Breakfast on Friday will be dependent on hotel options, and lunch will be $5.  If you elect to stay overnight, lodging will be $90.


–          What are the transportation options?

If you fly in, transportation will be provided for the entire event.  If you drive in, you may take advantage of the transportation provided or coordinate your own.


–          Will gas be provided?

  1. Plan on flying in with enough gas to be able to fly out.  Glendale Municipal is a very short flight and can provide gas.  If you find yourself at Luke without enough gas, we can coordinate through Glendale Municipal to get you gas, but all associated costs will be paid for by the pilot.


–          How does the lottery system work?

On 24 Aug, we will collect all of the pre-registration forms and draw 250 forms.  Then, we will determine the number of aircraft.  This is where flexibility comes in.  From that, we will draw the names of participants who can fly in.  Additionally, from those who wish to stay until Friday, we will draw who goes to the simulators

–          What happens if my aircraft breaks?

We will work with you to get maintenance on base and secure lodging and transportation for you.  However, the airfield will be closed over the weekend, so if it isn’t fixed by 1800 on Fri, you will not be able to fly out until Monday morning

–          Why are the pre-registration and registration due so early?

Due to the security requirements, the vetting process takes a long time. We want to ensure that everyone who is attending is cleared to do so

–          Will I find out whether or not I was selected?

Yes.  You will find out whether or not you were selected around 25 Aug.  We will contact everyone who sent a pre-registration form.  Participants that were selected will be sent additional registration forms to be completed.

–          How do I pre-register?

You can do one of three things.  First, you can print the form, fill it out, and mail it.  Or, you can fill it out and email it.  Finally, you can just send me an email with ALL of the requested information from the form.

 Download the pre-registration form (Microsoft Word format).

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