Notice Number: NOTC3729

There have been several incidents where incoming aircraft were aligned with the wrong runway; 29L or 29R and even Taxiway Alpha.

Runway 29R is being confused for runway 29L due to the recent resurfacing of Taxiway A.

Left Base for Runways 29 at Tucson International Airport

Left Base for Runways 29 at Tucson International Airport

From a distance, while on left base to final and on final, Taxiway Alpha appears to be a runway.  Taxiway Alpha’s length and the new Taxiway Golf give it the appearance of being Runway 29R.  Pilots are confusing 29R for 29L, and making approaches and landing on the wrong runway.

Vigilance is required for operations both day and night.  It would be prudent in the best interest of safety to familiarize yourself with the airport environment.

Taxiway Alpha, in the near foreground, may be mistaken for Runway 29R, and Runway 29R may instead be confused for Runway 29L.

To assist in finding Runway 29L, pilots should look for a threshold to the left of and approximately 2,500 feet past Runway 29R threshold and with bunkers with white/light gray roofs leading up to the threshold of Runway 29L.


Download the Airport Diagram for TUS here.