The Sept. 11 AFTW meeting was packed with new information about airports, practice areas, training issues and safety alerts.

Coolidge is still planning on resurfacing work that will cause closures of Runways 5/23 through May 2020. Check for NOTAMs frequently.

KIWA will be repaving 12R-30L. Again, check NOTAMs. A GPS Approach to Runway 30R is being created for the airport, as well.

Deer Valley (KDVT) has a new letter to airmen regarding IFR separation for the practice approach into Scottsdale. Basically, practice approaches through PHX TRACON require IFR separation, which will cause rejected VOR-C practice approaches into KSDL due to conflicts with arrivals/departures.

At KDVT, the FAA is working with the City of Phoenix to ensure drone operators are using the drone airspace app before flying their crafts south and east/southeast side of KDVT’s airspace.

Download the full meeting minutes for more details and additional safety and training topics here.